Friday, September 16, 2011


After the full summer we are back again, repairing some beds and starting to sprout again. We have a lot of hopes for this season!


  1. Good to see update in the project. Good luck.
    I see most of the grow beds empty, How does nitrogen cycle take place with less plants?

    How many fish do you have now?


  2. Hello Akash ,
    its really great work you are doing.
    This is Ranajeet Shanbhag from Pune.
    can i get your mail id for further contact.

  3. Hi,
    This is Anu from Chennai. I have been interested in Aquaponics for quite a while now. Would it be possible to visit your facility some time?

  4. hi akaash,
    my name is radha from chennai i have been a great fan of aquaponic system and done a setup with kaddapa stone with 2 grow beds and 1200 ltr of fish tank .THe system was running for checks and leaks for the past one month and just found some leaks and repaired them.My grow bed size is 8foot length and 1 foot width with a 4 inches grow bed.I have used the aquaclay for one grow bed and gravel for the other one. The system has been running for a week with cycling process without any fish and addded some bacteria to boost the system.Planning to add some koi fish only ,when to add the fish and plant s to system.

  5. loads of effort, commendable...
    with this amount of plumbing and a lill more investment taking this vertical would have made a world of a difference. just a thought.

  6. Hi
    I wanted to try aquaponics in my terrace home, would you give me an exact address so that i can visit and get an idea.

    1. Hi,
      This is extremely delayed because I didn't get any notification and just happened to see your message. The system was unfortunately destroyed in a large cyclone and never rebuilt so there is no longer anything to see. We are now experimenting with hydroponics.