Monday, November 22, 2010

New Videos

After a long break without news, we have two short videos showing the current setup. We faced many different problems, the most important being a faulty pump. Now, after installing a submersible pump the problems have pretty much ceased.
We are attacked by viruses and bugs, and they decimated our spinach, and cucumber plants.
The lettuces and cucumbers seem to be doing well. We have harvested a few cucumbers and lots of lettuce so far, as well as a few little green chillies.
The fish are growing but we lost a couple of big ones due to a full day power cut after the near cyclone.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Akash/Monica,
    Nice video. The first vegetable that you point out is Bottle gourd. The second is Snake gourd. Third is Ridge Gourd. I guess by now you might have already identified them through people who visited your nice heavenly place.
    I dream of setting up a simple aquaponics system some day. I am at the very begining stage of setting up a terrace vegetable garden. Let's see where it leads.
    My best wishes to your happy growing.